Album Release 

On November 29, 2017, the new album Home Again by James Lee Baker was released. Produced by Christopher J. Bloom at SoundStructure Studios in Denver, Colorado, this album is a culmination of two years of songwriting, external critique, and re-writing. In collaboration with a number of artists like Toby Wilson, Stacia Estep, and others, this project, despite the eclectic global collaboration, is a Texas-inspired Americana album with flavors of Singer-Songwriter, Country, and Pop. 

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"Home Again" LP Releasing Soon! 

CDs have been ordered and digital streaming/downloads will be available after the 26th of November. 

This new project, "Home Again", is a homage to my home state of Texas. A Country/Singer-Songwriter project, this is filled with songs that I've written in the last few years about various influences in my life including the red clay waters of The Canadian River, the iconic Cadillac Ranch, the famous Texas sunsets. I'm so excited to share this project with you!


New YouTube Content 

Hey ya'll! I have uploaded audio videos to YouTube for all the songs from the first album and most recent EP. Head over to for a listen!

2017 Shows and Songs 

James has a few shows lined up in Texas starting in 2017 and will be going back to the studio this winter to produce an upcoming album! We've got the new website up and running and will be adding more content as well as new shows in the upcoming weeks. Make sure to stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter, and other social outlets for the latest info!

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